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Images don’t age or warp, so a great photographer’s strings never go out of tune. Photographers inspire us to do things which ordinarily we would be reluctant to do. Me being a photographer consider myself a public servant by profession.

When my hobby of photography turned into a passion, I started seeing our community and culture in the broader context of history. That is how my primary focus on our vanishing culture did not let me lose sight of what drives me. Life around us is speedily being overtaken by mechanics and technology bringing much mayhem and chaos in our surroundings. Through my photographs I try to teach people to look around through my eyes and see the beauty that surrounds us. By having nostalgia and shattered dreams as main ingredients of my photographs, audience can connect with the events and people at a great distance and time from our own.
When a person is following a passion, the endurance and commitment required comes naturally. For my photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art through which I direct the attention of my viewers.

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